Devipattinam Temple

Mythical stories related with Devipattinam:

In the  Valmiki Ramayana, it is mentioned that Lord Rama installed the nine stones representing the Navagrahas, (the 9 planets), to worship before commencing the war with the demon king Ravana, who kidnapped Rama’s wife Sita.

Another legend which states that  Devipatnam is the place where Goddess Parvathi had put an end to the atrocities of demon Mahishasura. The word devi pattinam is a tamil name (Devi = Goddess Devi, pattinam = city or abode) which literally means the abode of the goddess Devi/Parvathi.

It is believed by the pilgrims that by took bath in this sea and worship the 9 planets, all our karma related problems and Navagraha dhoshams (astrological predictions about one’s misfortunes based on the planetary disorders in one’s astrology chart) will be rectified.

Temple Inside the Sea:

This place is one of the special navagraha temple as the navagraha is in located inside the sea.  This Navagraha temple is located a few meters from the seashore and is located inside the sea. The Devipattinam sea is not so tidy. pilgrims can walk their way in the sea to this place. depth near the temple is about 4 feet and The deities are partially or fully immersed in the sea water the deities were visible 2-3 feet height outside the sea during day times, If the water level got high they were submerged inside the sea.

In the earlier days, pilgrims have to take a walk inside the sea to reach this temple. Now a  cement bridge had been built for connecting this immersed Navagraham temple.

In the morning time, the water level would have got reduced with which one can walk and perform Pooja. Even now if you want to do Poojas and other rituals such as dhosham parikarams and offerings it is recommended to visit this place in the early morning by 5 – 6 AM. For a normal visit, it is fine to go anytime in the day now, as they have built a bridge to reach the Navagraha and pathway to go around rounds of the Navagraha.

The pilgrims were advised to take bath in the sea before doing the poojas and rituals to the deities.